API Security Best Practices

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Key AppsFlyer challenges:

  • Needed to detect and prevent attacks targeting the unique logic of the APIs at the core of its service
  • Found that next-generation WAFs and bot mitigation solutions were not able to address the company’s requirements for API security

Key Salt use cases:

  • Granular visibility: Salt provides automated discovery and granular details for all AppsFlyer APIs to enable a better understanding of the attack surface and risk
  • Continuous discovery: Salt provides insight into when dev teams roll out new APIs so the security team has a full inventory
  • Attack detection: Salt continuously monitors APIs in production and alerts on malicious activity so AppsFlyer can stop attackers before they succeed 
  • Attack prevention: Salt consolidated alerts provide the entire attacker timeline and give SOC teams context to take action quickly
  • Remediation insights: Salt provides dev teams with insights to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities and make APIs more secure, before they’re launched into production use