State of API Security Report Q3 2022

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Key Finastra challenges:

  • Needed protection for the APIs at the core of the Finastra service to prevent account takeover, compromised applications calling the API, and exploitation of the threats outlined in the OWASP API Security Top 10
  • Needed to provide regulators with details on where APIs were exposing sensitive data and how APIs were being protected

Key Salt use cases:

  • Attack prevention: Salt stops attacks targeting the Finastra service, many of which use advanced techniques to evade rate limiting and other protections
  • Risk reduction: Salt provides insights about potential vulnerabilities and sensitive data exposure that Finastra can share with FinTech partners to help them understand and mitigate risk
  • Compliance: Salt identifies where APIs are exposing sensitive data to help Finastra meet regulatory requirements
  • CI/CD integration: Salt ties into Finastra’s dev workflows to avoid vulnerable APIs from launching