API Security Best Practices

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Key TripActions challenges:

  • COVID-19 forced rapid platform adjustments and enhancements that spurred more use of APIs
  • The company needed automated API discovery to stay ahead of agile development
  • Business operations needed insights into API usage patterns

Key Salt use cases:

  • Discover all APIs: Only Salt automatically and continuously discovers all APIs, capturing granular details to eliminate blind spots, assess risk, and keep APIs protected even as the environment evolves and changes.
  • Prevent sensitive data exposure: Only Salt details each instance of exposed sensitive data, across all your APIs, to reduce your risk. Salt helps TripActions identify where APIs could expose sensitive data and see how customers and employees are using APIs
  • Stop API attacks: Only Salt uses big data and patented artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and correlate the activity of millions of users in parallel to identify and stop attacks early. Salt helps TripActions validate the pen testing activities of its internal testers and bug bounty program.