Fireside Chat: A New Strategy for Reducing API Risk

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In our rapidly shifting world of digital transformation, API-first strategies are a priority. The security landscape is shifting to APIs, and Salt Security is on the cutting edge of enterprise security strategy.

Michael Montoya, CISO

Salt — complete API protection

All API formats — REST, GraphQL, SOAP, etc.; All API types — internal, external, partner; Discovery, Threat Protection, Remediation; All app environments — microservices, prem, cloud; Across the full API life cycleAPI Security 101

API attacks aren’t just increasing – they’re evolving.
And leaving everyone exposed.

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What sets Salt apart

Top use cases

“Advanced API security with strong attack prevention. Salt integrated well on cloud and on prem.”
- Infrastructure and Operations

“Small but mighty, and growing - powerful, scales with you easily. Speeds up our development velocity.”
- Enterprise Architect

“Great tool! User friendly, great discovery, and pre-prod testing that pinpoints vulnerabilities.”
- Application Security Analyst

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“Clear API visibility – identifies attacks and PII data that’s not supposed to be relayed.”

“Excellent tool for API security and helpful, responsive support. Covers gaps in our WAF.”
- Senior Security Engineer

“Finding needles with Salt – informs us on our public API endpoints including potential threats.”
- Principal Cyber Engineer

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