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About Software AG

Software AG is the software pioneer of a truly connected world. Since 1969, it has helped 10,000+ organizations use software to connect people, departments, systems and devices. Software AG empowers truly connected enterprises using integration and APIs, IoT and analytics, and business and IT transformation. Software AG’s products establish a fluid flow of data that allows everything and everyone to work together. The company has more than 4,700 employees across more than 70 countries and annual revenue of over €800m, with the aim of exceeding €1bn by 2023.

Salt Security and Software AG

Salt Security integrates with the Software AG API management platform to enhance API security. The Salt platform discovers APIs that have been released outside the Software AG platform so organizations can improve their API management. Salt also detects API attacks, correlating all attacker activity into a single timeline – it then leverages our integration with the Software AG platform to block attackers before they can reach their objective.