Attacks targeting APIs have become increasingly prevalent leading to high profile breaches and negative headlines for many companies.

In this webinar webinar with Dan Raywood, Contributing Editor at Infosecurity Magazine, James Jardine, CEO at Jardine Software Inc. and Roey Eliyahu, CEO and Co-Founder at Salt Security to explore why enterprises need to adopt a proactive ‘monitor and respond’ approach, and discuss how to prevent an attacker from exploiting unique API vulnerabilities.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding the complexity of modern APIs, and how attackers can exploit them.
  • How to maintain a current catalog of APIs including where sensitive data is exposed and transmitted.
  • The importance of learning the unique logic and behavior of each API at a granular level to identify and stop malicious activity.
  • How security and development teams can improve workflows to improve API security
  • Steps in building an effective security strategy for modern web applications.

View the webinar to learn how to manage attacks, vulnerabilities & complexities in APIs.

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Have you heard about the increasing risk involved with  API attacks?

As APIs have proliferated across SaaS, web, mobile, microservices and IoT applications environments – and the quantity and sensitivity of the data transmitted have increased – API attacks have become more frequent and more complex, making them the number one threat for any company.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) recognized API security as a primary concern, with nine of the top 10 vulnerabilities in their current OWASP Top 10 report including an API component.