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There’s a new 
problem in the API world. And it’s a monster.

Generative AI-created APIs are not always what they seem. Salt is here to help you find the monstrous ones. The Salt 360 platform is the only AI-infused protection for the entire API lifecycle — from discovery, to governance, to threat detection.

Discovery The monster is hiding.

There are monsters lurking everywhere, in the form of insecure APIs created by generative AI. Salt is here with unparalleled discovery that sees all, ensuring comprehensive visibility thanks to the AI-enabled Salt 360 platform.

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Posture Governance The monster is sloppy.

The APIs that generative AI cranks out are a hot mess — lacking the most basic security hygiene. Salt provides an AI-driven Posture Governance Engine in the form of our comprehensive Salt 360 platform.

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Threat Protection The monster is two faced.

Do you have a good API or a bad one? You have to watch how it acts. Salt’s Behavioral Threat protection analyzes API traffic, detecting anomalies, and more. It’s all part of the AI-enabled Salt 360 platform.

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Case study

How DeinDeal tamed the monsters built a consolidated view across all its APIs with Salt.

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State of API Security.

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AI making APIs? You’re in for a monster battle.

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