Fireside Chat: A New Strategy for Reducing API Risk

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API Security Remediation

Only Salt augments pre-prod scanning with remediation insights learned in runtime to help security and dev teams improve the security posture of their APIs.

Learn from attackers

The Salt platform lets you turn attackers into penetration testers and gain insights from their activity as they probe your APIs for vulnerabilities. The platform will identify high-priority vulnerabilities your other approaches – such as penetration testing, security testing, and scanning – will miss.

Insights for developers

With the Salt platform, you have an easy way to provide developers with insights they can use to strengthen the APIs. Salt surfaces details such as endpoints with potential vulnerabilities, how attackers attempted to exploit those vulnerabilities, and recommendations for remediation. You can set up the Salt platform to send these insights to development teams using existing workflows and tools such as Jira and ServiceNow, making it easy to track vulnerabilities through to resolution.

Focus on vulnerabilities that matter

Scanning solutions find only known threats and can’t assess your organization’s unique APIs. These solutions also uncover many theoretical threats, leaving dev teams overwhelmed and unable to prioritize. With Salt, you immediately get the high-priority vulnerabilities that are unique to your APIs so dev teams can focus their limited resources on the biggest threats where their remediation efforts will have the most impact.

Release more secure APIs

Salt gives your security and dev teams continuous, real-world insights that pre-production scanning or testing can’t. Salt Insights include the unique context of how your organization’s APIs are being used and how they are being misused in production environments. Such tangible and relevant insights help your developers build their security awareness and improve development best practices to minimize future API vulnerabilities.

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