State of API Security Report Q3 2022

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Only Salt Security, with our API Context Engine (ACE) Architecture, can discover all your APIs, stop every API attack, and eliminate API vulnerabilities in development.

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Critical runtime defenses for immediate protection and shift-left capabilities to enhance API security over time

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In our rapidly shifting world of digital transformation, API-first strategies are a priority. The security landscape is shifting to APIs, and Salt Security is on the cutting edge of enterprise security strategy.

Michael Montoya, CISO

Your API Gateway and WAF cannot protect you from the OWASP API Security Top 10 threats

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Security research

The Salt Labs team of security researchers identifies API security vulnerabilities across both published and private applications and services. The team publishes its findings, following responsible disclosure or preserving anonymity, so that the larger industry can learn from the exposures and improve their API security.

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The “State of API Security Report” provides the latest research on API security concerns, risks, and use cases.

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