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The only AI-infused security platform to see and protect your entire API ecosystem.

Salt leverages AI at every stage of your API lifecycle to deliver continuous API Discovery, proactive Posture Governance and unparalleled precision in identifying and responding to API threats through Behavioral Threat Protection.

The most comprehensive API Security Platform.

Salt Security delivers the industry's only API Posture Governance engine and AI-based Behavioral Threat Protection solution to protect all of your critical APIs.

We have updated and re-designed our Privacy Policy as of  March 2024 to make it easier to understand how we collect and use your personal data. Review the new policy.

APIs are the new attack vector.

API are built expressly to share a company’s most valuable data and services. This makes them 
a lucrative target for bad actors. We’ve already hit the tipping point APIs are now THE way in.

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“90% of web-enabled applications will have more surface area for attack in the form of exposed APIs rather than the UI.”

Gartner© API Security: What You Need to Do to Protect Your APIs

A single platform that delivers AI-based intelligence from the world's largest API datalake.

Salt is the only solution architected specifically to secure modernized, cloud-based app architectures.

Posture Governance.

Only Salt provides intelligent aggregation and consolidation of your API inventory, with insights into the security posture of your APIs.

  • Create custom policies quickly
  • Easy to use out-of-the-box policy templates
  • Discover all your APIs
  • Simplify compliance
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Threat protection.

Only Salt tracks users over days, weeks, and months to understand, identify, and prevent today’s drawn-out API attacks.

  • Prioritized list of top API attacks
  • Prevent sensitive data exposure
  • Accelerate incident response
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Fixes for exploited vulnerabilities.

Only Salt leverages insights from bad actors’ minor successes in runtime to craft remediation insights.

  • Prevent ATP, Data Exfiltration
  • Test APIs in pre-production and tune your simulations
  • Share remediation insights with your teams
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Adaptive Intelligence.

We collect two-way API data, including requests, responses, and numerous behavioral attributes, studying your API activity over extended periods. This data is stored in a versatile data lake, analyzed by AI/ML models to provide you with:

  • Aggregated discovery, no more long lists of duplicated endpoints
  • Months of insights of usage patterns to spot and stop attack attempts
  • Hardening guidelines based on attackers’ minor successful exploits
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Preferred by a majority of Fortune/Global 500 companies and disruptors over other API security platforms.

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Stay Ahead of 
Your API Security with AI Intelligence.

Shield Your APIs from Threats, Hackers, and Vulnerabilities. Download our comprehensive API Security Expert pack for the state of the art security insights.

  • Benchmark yourself against industry peers
  • Improve your API security posture today
  • Separate fact from fiction about modern API attackers
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Understanding API Attacks.

APIs fuel today’s digital economy and are a lucrative target for attackers. This eBook explores why API attacks are different and how to protect your organization.

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How protecting your APIs protects your bottom line.

The business value of API security.


A CISO's Essential Guide to API Security.

Reduce your risk of API attacks while maximizing the value of digital innovation.

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We have updated and re-designed our Privacy Policy as of  March 2024 to make it easier to understand how we collect and use your personal data.

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Read the new policy