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API Posture Management

Organizations are looking for tools to help contain API sprawl and incorporate posture management into their ecosystem. Salt Security has created an industry-leading API posture governance engine to deliver operationalized API governance and threat detection across the organization at scale.

Advanced Discovery of All Your APIs

Salt provides advanced API discovery capabilities that go beyond basic discovery. We offer context-rich filtering and querying, enabling organizations to gain detailed insights into their APIs. This includes information about the purpose of each API, usage patterns, and associated risks. These insights can be used to derive posture governance policies, which represent a significant advancement in the industry. This capability offers depth and customization that is not standard in the industry.

Industry First API Posture Governance Engine

Salt's platform offers a unique solution in API security, different from typical tools that only focus on threat detection and mitigation. It introduces a dedicated engine for API posture governance that allows organizations to create and enforce custom corporate standards. This feature ensures compliance throughout the API lifecycle and aligns all stakeholders. It is a distinctive aspect of Salt's platform compared to other API security platforms available in the market.

Robust Behavioral Threat Detection

Salt offers the most advanced behavioral threat detection platform in the industry. With its powerful capabilities in filtering, querying, and threat hunting, our platform provides unparalleled precision in identifying and responding to API threats. The integration of this detection with API asset intelligence enables security teams to address API-related security events more rapidly and effectively than other tools.

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