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New Execs, New Summit, New Customers, AND a New Look!

Michelle McLean
Oct 26, 2022

What a week! The team here at Salt has been incredibly busy as we shared news welcoming two new execs, launched our second API Security Summit (with more than 1600 people tuning in!), welcomed new customers to the fold, and rolled out our updated branding, the culmination of six months of work.

New execs — a big welcome to two new leaders

I’m personally thrilled to have two women join me at the Salt leadership table, as we welcome Renee Hollinger to lead People Ops and Amelia Forrest Kaye to head up Customer Success. They both bring tremendously relevant experience to guide Salt through our journey.

Renee is well steeped in the dynamics of a bi-cultural company, having led HR at other companies with R&D in Israel and Business Ops in the US. She understands the needs of a fast-growing company, and she loves cultivating that social glue that makes a team gel, no matter where we all live.

Amelia Forrest joins us from Tanium, where she scaled the customer success team to service 1000s of customers. She brings enormous empathy for the customer, a well-disciplined approach, and fierce advocacy to her role championing the needs of Salt customers as they deploy Salt far and wide in their enterprises.

Both Renee and Amelia have already had a big impact on how we work with each other and with our customers to drive a new level of mutual success. And since we always jump right in here at Salt, we’ve already been on the road together in New York and Tel Aviv, and I can tell you — they’re both just a heck of a lot of fun to work with too. Lucky us!

New summit — hosting our second Salt API Security Summit

Having launched the industry’s first API Security Summit only back in March, we weren’t sure what the appetite would be for hosting another edition so soon. Wow — more than 1600 people are on tap to take in the 9 sessions we have running today. It’s a big “who’s who” of luminaries and companies in the API security ecosystem, including:

  • Joe Martinez — CSO at Aon, on how that financial services giant has crafted its API security strategy
  • Ed Amoroso — Founder and CEO of TAG Cyber, on the evolution of the API security market
  • Dr. Anton Chuvakin — Office of the CISO at Google and host of the popular Google Cloud Security podcast, on why API security is having a “now” moment
  • Mike Sentonas — CTO of CrowdStrike, on the company’s investment in Salt and how both our companies see context as so critical to good security
  • Siva Sadhu — solutions architect at AWS, on how customers are applying the key principles of API security and how Salt + AWS helps the customer journey
  • Venkat Vijayaraghavan — head of product for API gateways at MuleSoft, on the advanced security capabilities that Salt + MuleSoft provides our joint customers
  • Colin Williams — CTO of Computacenter, on how customers balance innovation and security to succeed in their digital initiatives
  • Jimmy Xu — head of the DevSecOps practice at Trace3, on what application security does and does not cover in API security
  • Mike Rothman - head of Techstrong Research and a decades-long friend, on the ways vendors themselves are creating confusion in the API security market and practical ways customers can chart their course of action

I got to work with each of these people in thinking through the content for the summit, and it struck me just how broad a reach API security has. How companies organize their teams, how they drive business success, how they protect their reputations and their customers' data — it’s all in the mix when it comes to API security. It’s amazing to have partners like these as Salt continues to define and lead this critical market.

If you didn’t catch our API Security Summit on its initial run today, no worries — you can always tune in to watch the sessions on demand.

New customers — supporting new organizations with new features

I’ve always said, the best part of my job is having conversations with customers. I find digging into their priorities, seeing how they organize their work and their teams, and connecting with their mission as a business enormously satisfying.

Here at Salt, we take seriously our role in educating the market and serving our customers. We were the first to recognize that API security depends on rich context — that only by understanding API traffic deeply and over a long period of time can you get the protections you need. Enhancements to the Salt Security API Protection Platform continue to revolve around adding context to our customers’ understanding of their API attack surface and the attempted attacks themselves.

Over the past six months, we’ve delivered improvements in our threat detection insights, contextual API testing capabilities, and market-leading runtime protection features. These new capabilities provide deeper and earlier insights into attacker behaviors and attack patterns. We added visual depictions of API call sequences to enhance understanding of API usage. Our pre-prod API testing leverages context, tuning attack simulations based on the API behavior we observe in test environments. We are passionate about making it simple for companies to protect the APIs that share their most valuable and sensitive data and services.

As part of our news today, we’re excited to share that we’ve brought on board numerous new customers in multiple industry sectors recently, including Zoom Communications, Aon, New American Funding, Moneris, Riskified, Open Line NL, and many others.

New look — refreshing our market-leading brand

Salt came to market more than five years ago, as the first API security company, and we’ve been heads down ever since building the industry’s best platform for discovering and protecting APIs. We put context at the heart of our platform from the start, applying cloud-scale big data and time-tested ML and AI to deeply understand our customers’ API ecosystems. That context gives us unique capabilities in API discovery, runtime protection, and shift left security. We realized the time was perfect to capture our innovation, our leadership, and our dynamic and fresh approach to the market in how we present ourselves to the industry.

We launched our brand refresh in April, talking with CISOs, analysts, and partners to get crisp about our unique advantages in the market. Time and again, we heard that our expertise, integrity, and ability to transform those we serve are the hallmarks of our character as a company. We then worked on designs that reflected our leadership, technical prowess, and innovation. We’re thrilled with our updated logo and other aspects of our refreshed look – we invite you to check out our homepage, our Why Salt page, and our Platform page to see these updates brought to life.

As we look to our fiscal Q4 and next year, we here at Salt will continue to deliver the end-to-end API security that companies need to ensure the safety of their critical data and services and to keep their digital transformation initiatives moving forward.

As always, feel free to contact our team if you’d like to learn more about our award-winning API Protection Platform, or sign up for a customized demo.


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