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Salt Security Empowers API Governance with New Posture Policies Hub

Eric Schwake
Jul 9, 2024

In today's digital age, applications are no longer monolithic structures but intricate mosaics of interconnected APIs. These APIs are the foundation of modern software and allow for smooth communication and data exchange, providing the dynamic functionality users expect. However, as connectivity increases, so does the risk of exposure to cyberattacks. The security of APIs has become extremely important as cyber threats target these crucial points. Salt Security, a leader in API protection, understands this challenge and has developed the innovative Posture Policies Hub to address it. This pioneering update to the Salt Security platform transforms API governance, equipping organizations with the necessary tools to confidently manage the complexities of API security and strengthen their digital infrastructure.

Understanding API Posture Governance

API posture governance involves continuously assessing and managing an organization's API security posture, from design to deployment, to ensure compliance with internal policies, industry standards, and regulatory requirements. This includes API discovery, inventory, risk assessment, vulnerability, and configuration management.

Traditionally, achieving effective API posture governance has been complex and time-consuming. Organizations often need help maintaining an accurate inventory of their APIs, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and enforcing consistent security policies across their entire API landscape.

How the Salt Security Posture Policies Hub Simplifies API Governance

The Posture Policies Hub from Salt Security tackles these challenges by offering a centralized API Govern hub. This hub lets organizations discover, deploy, and maintain API governance policies easily. The hub provides various pre-defined policies consisting of rules and configurations. Organizations can also create specific API governance rules tailored to their environment.  These policies enforce security standards by continuously monitoring API inventory and identifying posture gaps.

With the Posture Policies Hub and API Posture Governance, organizations can:

  • Automatically discovers and inventories all APIs, including legacy and shadow APIs, providing a comprehensive view of the organization's API landscape.
  • Continuously assess the security posture of each API against pre-defined policies, identifying potential vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
  • Enables organizations to enforce consistent security policies across all APIs, ensuring that all APIs meet security standards.
  • Provide actionable insights and recommendations for remediating security vulnerabilities, helping organizations to improve their overall API security posture.
  • Continuously monitors API activity for signs of suspicious behavior, such as unauthorized access attempts or data exfiltration.

The Benefits of Using Salt Security's Posture Policies Hub

By using Salt Security's Posture Policies Hub, organizations can:

  • Achieve comprehensive API visibility: The hub provides an accurate view of the organization's API landscape, including all APIs, their dependencies, and associated risks.
  • Improve API security posture: The hub helps organizations identify and remediate security vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of API-related breaches.
  • Simplify compliance: The hub simplifies compliance with internal policies, industry standards, and regulatory requirements.
  • Reduce operational costs: The hub automates many tasks associated with API governance, freeing up IT resources to focus on other priorities.


Salt Security's Posture Policies Hub is a powerful new tool designed to help organizations simplify and streamline API posture governance. This hub enables organizations to achieve comprehensive API visibility, improve API security posture, and facilitate compliance by providing a centralized platform for discovering, deploying, and maintaining API governance policies. To learn more, get a demo today.


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