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Salt Security Leading the Way in AI-Driven API Security for Next-Generation Threat Protection and Attacker Insights

Elad Hoffer
Jun 12, 2024

In today's digital landscape, organizations face constantly evolving threats, and modern applications are built on APIs, making robust API security a top priority. Salt Security, a trailblazer in AI-powered API security, is at the forefront of addressing this challenge with our innovative platform. The recent introduction of advanced LLM-driven attacker insights further solidifies Salt's position as a leader in API security solutions.

At the heart of this innovation is Salt's AI-powered platform, a sophisticated system designed to harness artificial intelligence across all aspects of API security. From API discovery and posture governance to behavioral threat protection and attacker insights, Salt's AI, known as Pepper, empowers organizations to combat a wide array of sophisticated threats quickly and easily.

Too many API anomalies? Uncover Malicious Actors with Pepper and LLM-Driven Attacker Insights

The modern digital landscape is flooded with API traffic, often leading to anomalies. However, only a small % of this anomalous traffic, approximately 0.0025%, is malicious. Identifying the malicious traffic amongst the massive amount of simply anomalous traffic, becomes nearly impossible for security teams. Traditional security solutions often lack the context needed to make informed decisions.  Additionally, many API security tools become ‘noise makers’ amongst all of the other types of threat feeds for which SOC teams are responsible.

Imagine having real-time insights into an attacker's mind. With Salt Security's AI-infused behavioral threat protection, Pepper, this becomes a reality. Salt’s patented AI and ML technology can reveal hidden patterns and connections that other API security tools might miss by analyzing vast amounts of security data and API information specific to an organization and comparing it to our intel-rich data lake. This enables Salt Security to create comprehensive details of exactly how an API attack is taking place, offering crucial context about the nature and objectives of an attack.

While we have excelled at providing a deep level of malicious behavior detail for years, we wanted to ensure the ease at which security professionals can quickly understand this information. To that end, the Salt Security platform now comes equipped with a powerful new functionality: LLM-driven attacker insights. By leveraging a custom-built large language model, Salt's platform can automatically generate comprehensive profiles of attacker behavior, including their origins, methods, targets, and potential motivations. This provides security teams with critical intelligence for quick and decisive action.

LLM-driven attacker insights are not a silver bullet, but they are a game-changer in the battle against API threats. By providing security teams with a deeper understanding of attackers' motivations and tactics, easily understood from all the malicious intent data we capture, Salt Security empowers them to make faster, more effective decisions to neutralize attacks and reduce potential damage.

Advanced Behavioral Threat Protection: Advancing API Security

Salt Security is committed to leading the way in API security with our advanced behavioral threat protection. We have a deep understanding of the challenges of API security and strive to innovate across our platform, as evidenced by our recent release of LLM attacker insights. Our goal at Salt Security is to ensure that your security team is well-equipped to deal with the evolving threat landscape affecting organizations, and we believe this new capability is another step in that journey. To see the new LLM attacker insights in action, request a demo today!


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