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Salt Wins Again! Named Tech Trailblazer for Security

Michelle McLean
Dec 13, 2021

Every year, hundreds of companies enter the Tech Trailblazers Award program, across a dozen technology areas. Security is always one of the most crowded fields, and we are proud to say that we have been named the winner of the Security Trailblazers Award!

This award goes to the cybersecurity startups that demonstrate technological and commercial innovation and entrepreneurial excellence. Here at Salt, we have been at the forefront of a new industry, trailblazing innovative and effective ways to secure APIs. Winning this Tech Trailblazer award is especially gratifying because winners need to both demonstrate their technical differentiation and earn the greatest recognition in a public voting process.

This latest industry accolade award further validates our leadership role in the cybersecurity space and our commitment to securing APIs.

Salt Security – An Innovative Approach to API Security

Readers of our blog know that our approach to API security is unique, with many customer examples that demonstrate our leadership in this space.

Specifically, Salt Security pioneered the API security market as the only vendor that utilizes patented Machine Learning, AI and Big Data, combined with complete coverage across application environments, to discover all APIs and where they accidentally expose data. The Salt API Security Platform also identifies the early indicators of an attack, stops attackers from advancing, and turns attackers into penetration testers. We also provide automated remediation insights for developers to harden APIs.

API Security has Taken Center Stage

According to Salt Labs Research, API attacks were up 348% in the first half of 2021. With industry sources saying more than 80% of Internet traffic is API traffic, the need to protect the data and services these APIs connect is acute. So much sensitive information is shared through APIs, making them the most attractive target for bad actors looking to take over accounts and steal data. Add in the rapid rate at which APIs are changing, along with and the growing frequency and complexity of API attacks, and organizations have a significant challenge in front of them to protect these critical assets.

The battle has just begun and Salt is solving this huge problem today.

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What’s Next?

Certainly, we love to receive these types of accolades, and we look forward to being recognized with more industry kudos as the years progress. More importantly, this recognition validates and encourages us to continue paving the way for companies to secure their APIs. We’re proud of our continued strong market lead in this space, both in the technical and business aspects of API security. We’ve turned our capabilities into powerful outcomes for our customers -- enabling them to catalog their APIs, see where they expose sensitive data, and build a baseline of normal API traffic for anomaly detection, all within minutes of deployment.

It’s been a fantastic year for us, and receiving yet another award is an honor as we continue to help more enterprises around the world make their APIs secure.

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