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The Importance Of API Documentation

Chris WestphalChris Westphal
Jun 25, 2020

It’s time for episode number 2 of our video series called API Security With A Pinch Of Salt. In this episode, Adam, Chris and Ran dig into the topic of the importance of API documentation.

Nobody will argue with the fact that API documentation is important. Doing it properly helps other developers understand the API structure and how to use it in their own applications. Also, many management solutions depend on proper API documentation work correctly. When it comes to security, API documentation helps teams understand exposure and position protections to minimize risk.

Learn why OAS-based security tools address a small fraction of API risks and can't prevent API breaches.

While it’s hard to argue the value of proper API documentation most will agree that it’s hard to get right. Even if you get it right out of the gate it’s near impossible, or at least incredibly resource intensive to maintain, especially in environments where there’s constant updates.

Check out the video to lean more and hear about options to stay on top of your API documentation.

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