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We’re Committed To Security and Have SOC 2 To Prove It

Chris WestphalChris Westphal
Jan 28, 2019

Confidence is important when you decide to engage with a vendor.  You want to know that vendor is not only able to deliver the service but you also want to have confidence that your data is secure in their hands (or cloud as the case may be).

At Salt Security we’re committed to security and we continually invest in our platform to ensure that were innovating and delivering leading edge features to keep our customers protected.  We also think it’s as important to invest in keeping our service secure and in turn our customers’ data in our service protected.

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Today we’re proud to announce that Salt Security has completed our SOC 2 audit.  This is a big effort for any organization and shows not only our commitment to securing our service but also shows our commitment to protecting our customers’ critical data.  With Salt being a cloud hosted service we think it’s imperative that our customers know that we take security seriously and their data is safe in our cloud.

In the process of going through the SOC 2 audit our service is evaluated for the protections, process  and controls that we have in place, our development practices, and ongoing activities that we employ to ensure our service and your data is secure.  This is not a one time thing for us as Salt but rather an ongoing effort to show our commitment to what we do to the best of our ability with security first and foremost.

We’re really excited to take this step as a company to show our commitment to API Protection and our customers.  As we continue to innovate, SOC audits and other certifications will be an important part of our commitment to you, our customers.

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