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With Availability on Google Cloud Marketplace, Salt Now Hits the Cloud Trifecta

Gilad Barzilay
Jan 25, 2023

Today we announced the immediate availability of the Salt Security API Protection Platform on Google Cloud Marketplace and our acceptance to the Google Partner Advantage program! Salt now provides the cloud trifecta, enabling customers to adopt the Salt platform on the AWS Marketplace (followed by the AWS ISV Accelerate Program), on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and now on Google Cloud! No matter which cloud platform organizations use, teams can easily start benefiting from our proven and powerful API security platform, with great options for leveraging committed cloud budgets.

By having Salt Security available on all three cloud marketplaces, we deliver on our promise to provide customers with the industry’s most comprehensive API security solution — with API discovery, runtime protection, and shift-left security — all seamlessly integrated into their existing environments. Ensuring easy integration helps organizations speed the implementation of API security, so they can combat rapidly escalating API risks and threats. The Q3 State of API Security report found that API attacks continue to rise, with 94% of organizations having experienced security problems in production APIs.

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Today’s announcement also further strengthens our unique relationship with Google. CapitalG, the independent growth fund under Alphabet, led our $140 million Series D funding in February 2022. In addition, Salt already enjoys robust integrations with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This GCP integration allows Google customers to seamlessly mirror their Google Cloud Virtual Private Cloud to the Salt platform and tap the patented API Context Engine (ACE) at the heart of our architecture. This capability allows Google Cloud customers to collect API traffic quickly and efficiently without agents, code, or configuration changes, giving them immediate value from the Salt platform.

This type of integration is essential for today’s organizations. As one of our customers wrote on Gartner Peer Insights:

“We really valued the fact that the Salt Security solution could integrate with our systems. We have a hybrid infrastructure with [cloud assets and] our data centers. Salt integrated well and was able to provide API protection on both fronts.”

Salt uses cloud-scale big data and patented artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze all API traffic. The platform correlates activities across millions of APIs and users over time. This unparalleled API context establishes a granular baseline of legitimate API behaviors, making it easy for the platform to detect anomalies. Salt gives Google Cloud customers real-time API discovery, protection against threats in runtime, and insights to API vulnerabilities, in both pre- and post-production environments. The Salt platform provides:

  • Dynamic and automatic API discovery, across cloud and on-prem environments
  • Continuous runtime protection against today’s sophisticated low-and-slow API attacks
  • Detailed attacker timelines that streamline incident response
  • Visualization of API call sequences to understand API usage patterns
  • Attack simulation and API testing to identify vulnerabilities before APIs are released
  • Remediation insights learned in runtime to help harden APIs

If you’re interested in seeing the Salt Security API Protection Platform in action, contact us for a customized demo today!


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