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Securing the API Explosion with Salt's API Protection Platform.

APIs are booming, the Salt platform is complete protection. Backed by the largest data lake in the API world, Salt finds all of your APIs, makes sure they are in compliance with your policy and stops them from being attacked.

One Platform to Unleash Your API-First Journey.

The Salt Security API Protection Platform secures the APIs at the heart of all your modern applications.

Posture Governance

Salt delivers automated continuous visibility into all of your APIs, so you can understand your risk posture and govern your Application, Access control and Sensitive data policies.

Powered by AI/ML on a 
cloud-scale Data Lake

Salt uses an advanced AI/ML model trained with trillions of API calls to provide highly accurate detection and certification of sophisticated attacks.

Ecosystem Enrichment

Salt allows you to stop attacks with close integration to SIEM/SOAR eco-system and share intelligence  actions with your ticketing systems, CMDB and AST tools.

Salt’s AI-Infused API Security

Diagram showing Salt's discovery, governance, and protection.

Continuous API Discovery

Only Salt provides intelligent aggregation and consolidation of your API inventory, with insights into the security posture of your APIs.

  • Update inventory automatically and continuously
  • Highlight “shadow” (unknown) and “zombie” (outdated) APIs
  • Pinpoint APIs that expose sensitive data

Posture Governance

Once you know where all of your APIs are, you need to ensure they are adhering to your policies for effective governance

  • Use pre-built, out-of-the-box policy templates based on millions of API policies
  • Quickly identify any posture gaps and remediation steps based on custom or industry-specific rules
  • Send API information to DevOps to address issues

Threat Protection

Only Salt leverages insights from the billions of bad actors’ minor successes in runtime to craft remediation insights.

  • Analyze OAS/Swagger files for vulnerabilities
  • Identify anomalies and distinguish mistakes from attacks
  • Share detailed remediation insights with dev teams to harden APIs

Integrate with your existing tools and workflows.

Salt works with the tools and workflows you already use, so you can start protecting your APIs without introducing complexity or friction. With Salt, your security and DevOps teams will:

  • Discover your existing or new APIs quickly and easily leveraging your existing technologies
  • Respond to threats confidently with alerts sent to your SIEM that include the full context of attacker activity.
  • Stop attackers manually or automatically using existing enforcement points such as an API gateway or web application firewall (WAF).
  • Eliminate vulnerabilities efficiently with actionable insights sent to DevOps teams through tools including Jira, PagerDuty, and Slack.
Google Cloud Platform
F5 Networks
AWS API Gateway

Protect your Innovation across the API lifecycle.

Security Solutions across the entire lifecycle, so you can ensure the integrity of your APIs.

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Want to see the Salt platform in action?

Learn how Salt Security's leading API security platform can provide complete Posture Governance and API Behavioral Threat Protection.

Rapid & Flexible Deployment

Single, fully managed solution

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Immediate value on implementation

Salt deploys on any environment, and within a day, the platform can discover all your APIs, assess your risk, and recognize and block attackers before they do any damage.

Single, fully managed solution

No agents, no code changes, no configuration. Nothing inline, so no application impact. The Salt platform fits all your API types — internal, external, and third party — and all your formats, including REST, GraphQL, and SOAP.

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