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Apr 28, 2021

Retailer DeinDeal Secures its API-driven E-commerce Platform with Salt Security

Salt Security protects mobile and web applications for DeinDeal as it expands offerings and partnerships

PALO ALTO, Calif. – April 28, 2021Salt Security, the leading API security company, today announced that DeinDeal, a leading Swiss e-commerce retailer, has deployed the Salt Security API Protection Platform to secure the APIs driving its mobile and web applications. The Salt Security API protection capabilities enable DeinDeal to more rapidly innovate applications and services, especially over the past year as it expanded into food delivery and served new markets throughout Switzerland. DeinDeal uses the automated discovery capabilities of the Salt platform to better understand how its internal teams, customers, and partners are using APIs. These insights have enabled DeinDeal to prevent attacks, protect customer data, and secure personally identifiable information (PII).

“DeinDeal’s e-commerce platform is growing at an accelerated rate, bolstered by the demand for our services during the pandemic. We’ve had to support this growth while ensuring that our company, customer, and partner data remain secure,” said Alexandre Branquart, CTO and co-founder of DeinDeal. “The number of APIs deployed across our applications, especially as we continue to build out new services like food delivery, has grown exponentially. We found that managing this influx of new APIs and their traffic using traditional security controls was inadequate. Salt has given us greater visibility into how, when, and where all our APIs are used, ultimately enabling us to secure the heart of our business operations.”

The Salt Security platform provides DeinDeal with automatic and continuous discovery of all APIs – across build, deploy and runtime – and easily captures granular details about each individual API to eliminate blind spots, assess risk, identify outdated APIs, and keep APIs protected as its environment evolves. DeinDeal also relies on Salt Security to identify abnormal behaviors within its current ecosystem of APIs that may require further investigation and/or remediation. This detection and blocking of API attackers is particularly important as Salt Security saw its customers’ volume of malicious API traffic grow 211% over 2020, according to the Salt Security report, “The State of API Security – Q1 2021.”

DeinDeal processes thousands of customer transactions daily and stores high volumes of PII. Salt Security provides its IT team with insight into each API, including where sensitive data is being exposed. The Salt platform reports on the exact endpoints sharing this data, providing the context to stop attacks, prevent data exfiltration, accelerate incident response, and keep APIs protected at all times.

“Like many e-commerce retailers that have seen dramatic growth during the pandemic, DeinDeal has accelerated the rate of API development to meet demand for new services and expand into new markets,” said Roey Eliyahu, CEO and co-founder of Salt Security. “With a substantial amount of sensitive data collected through each transaction, DeinDeal requires that its DevOps and SecOps teams, along with its technology leaders, collaborate securely across all of its application environments to ensure a strong API security posture. Salt Security provides this consolidated and dynamic API catalog and data classification, with no agents and no configuration or customization.”

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