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Security Solutions across the entire lifecycle, so you can ensure the integrity of your APIs.

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Security Solutions across the entire lifecycle, so you can ensure the integrity of your APIs.

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What can Salt help you solve?

Explore how your organization can harness API proliferation.

01Discover and Manage all APIs

Discover and Manage all APIs

Only Salt automatically and continuously discovers all APIs, capturing details to help you eliminate blind spots, assess risk, and keep APIs protected.

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Sensitive Data Exposure Prevention

Salt's industry-leading API Posture Governance solution delivers API governance and threat detection across an entire organization at scale.

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02Threat Protection and Response

Prevent API Attacks

Only Salt uses AI and big data to analyze and correlate the activity of millions of users in parallel to identify and stop API attacks before they happen.

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API Attack Incident Response

Salt gives you visibility into attacker activity to reduce investigation times and help teams quickly respond to attacks.

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03Plan, Build, and Test

Identify API Vulnerabilities

Salt identifies high-priority API vulnerabilities so you can focus your resources on the biggest threats where remediation will have the most impact.

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API Drift and Design Analysis

The Salt API Security platform helps you run test traffic against your APIs while still in staging/test environments.

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Understanding API Attacks.

APIs fuel today’s digital economy and are a lucrative target for attackers. This eBook explores why API attacks are different and how to protect your organization.

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How protecting your APIs protects your bottom line.

The business value of API security.


A CISO's Essential Guide to API Security.

Reduce your risk of API attacks while maximizing the value of digital innovation.

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