Fireside Chat: A New Strategy for Reducing API Risk

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Sensitive Data Exposure Prevention

Only Salt details each instance of exposed sensitive data, across all your APIs, to reduce your risk.

Detail exposed sensitive data

The Salt platform’s broad discovery capabilities document each endpoint that sends or consumes PII and other sensitive data. The platform characterizes each data type, such as social security number, IBAN, or Account ID, flagging the sensitive information and providing you with a complete catalog that can be used to determine any potential risk and as part of compliance audits.

Uncover common and proprietary sensitive data

Sensitive data includes tokens and information such as cardholder data, customer proprietary network information (CPNI), protected health information (PHI), and personally identifiable information (PII). You can also customize the Salt platform to identify sensitive data specific to your company or industry.

Identify changes to sensitive data exposure

The Salt platform keeps your sensitive data exposure details up to date automatically, enabling you to identify new exposure points as APIs change. You’ll get alerts for new instances of exposed sensitive data so you can assess risk and work with development teams to reduce exposure.

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