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Being with the “best of the best” as a YC Top Company

Michelle McLean
Mar 3, 2023

Salt has long benefited from the unique support that comes from being part of the Y Combinator accelerator program (Salt was in the Winter 2016 batch), and all these years later, we’re thrilled to have been named to not one but two of YC’s Top Company lists – the Top Private YC companies 2023 and the YC Breakthrough Companies 2023.

For the Top Private list, it’s deja vu all over again, since we made that list last year as well. We’re thrilled to debut at #30 on the Breakthrough Companies list this year, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Stripe, Instacart, and DoorDash.

The YC model is impressive – and so is its track record! YC companies have created in excess of $600 billion in value, and these lists of “top companies” highlight a tiny fraction of the more than 4,000 companies YC has backed. YC has provided mentorship, introductions, collaboration, and referrals all along our journey. We’re incredibly honored that the YC Continuity team showed remarkable faith in Salt when it re-upped YC’s monetary commitment to Salt by investing in our Series D round about a year ago – an investment YC has made in less than 1% of its companies.

In the 12 months since we made the last YC Top 100 list, we’ve been busy growing the company, expanding our platform capabilities, and winning loads of new customers. New features that add value for our enterprise customers include deeper and earlier insights into attacker behaviors and attack patterns, visual depictions of user behavior flows, and the ability to test APIs in pre-production to identify security gaps. We’ve also added lots of new customers to our roster, including Zoom, Astra Zeneca, Baxter, Cava, Open Line, and OneMain Financial.

We’re constantly improving our platform’s ability to detect and stop API attacks. The past year saw dramatic and costly API-based breaches, including those at T-Mobile and Optus. Those and other API security incidents have made it clear to companies across multiple industries that they need to apply the protections that only dedicated API security solutions can provide. CISOs understand that security needs to enable – not hinder – their companies’ business growth initiatives, and investing in API security provides the protections needed to keep innovating fast.

As honored as we are with today’s recognition, you can bet we won’t be resting on our laurels. The Salt team is already working hard to ensure that the Salt Security API Protection Platform stays at the forefront of the industry, giving security leaders what they need to keep critical services safe and businesses moving forward this year and beyond.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have the trust of our investors, partner community, and – most of all – our valued customers who trust us to keep their APIs secure. We look forward to sharing highlights from our journey on this exciting year ahead!

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