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Forbes Singles out Salt’s Amazing Growth

Michelle McLean
Oct 14, 2021

Having Forbes single out Salt Security as one of only 25 of the “Next Billion-Dollar Startups” testifies to the combination of both the significant lead we enjoy in the market and the enormity of the problem we solve.

Salt has earned a lot of industry recognition – as a Gartner cool vendor, one of the SINET 16, “Most Innovative in API Security,” and quite simply the “Best in API Security.” But having Forbes name us to this renowned list is the most gratifying accolade to date.

You can’t have business innovation without APIs. They underlie all of today’s critical digital transformation, cloud migration, and application mobilization initiatives. But here’s the problem: Companies’ existing security stacks simply were not built to protect these vital assets, and bad actors have figured out the value of targeting APIs and have made it their focus for application attacks.

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In choosing Salt for this prestigious list, Forbes, working with TrueBridge Capital Partners, recognizes the magnitude of this conflict. It also shows how crucial it is that we as an industry – solution providers and technology innovators together – resolve this dilemma and reduce the risk associated with the breakneck pace of digital innovation.

Just think about how selective this list really is. The cybersecurity market has seen previously unimaginable levels of funding this year – $11.5 billion in the first half of 2021 alone per TechCrunch, spread across 430 transactions and nearly triple the $4.7 billion invested in the same period last year. And in building this list of 25 remarkable startups, Forbes is by no means focused just on cybersecurity –– it includes companies that enable dog DNA testing, hiring of nurses, digital notary services, and mental health services.

So Forbes had literally 1000s of well-funded startups to consider, which makes singling out Salt and the API security market all the more special. And Forbes’ track record is pretty stellar – across the previous six years’ worth of winners, more than 90 of those 150 alumni “have passed the $1 billion mark, either via new funding rounds, acquisitions or initial public offerings.”

Forbes knows how to pick winners. We here at Salt are humbled by our selection, we’re driven in our mission to make it safe for businesses to innovate, and we know the hard work ahead to achieve that ambitious vision. But today, for a few minutes anyway, we’re all doing a little happy dance to celebrate this enormous shout out.

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