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And the Award Goes to …. Salt Security! (Again!)

Michelle McLean
May 17, 2021

It’s almost getting embarrassing, the number of awards we’re winning.


Today’s accolades come from Cyber Defense Magazine, as we take home awards for “Most Innovative in API Security” and top billing in the “Best Cybersecurity Startup” category!

As much as people say you should draw satisfaction from within, outside validation like these awards sure feels good. Our victories are really starting to pile up:

  • biggest revenue quarter ever in Q1
  • longest time in market
  • easiest deployment – no agents, no software
  • most breadth – internal, external, and third-party APIs
  • most customers
  • most Gartner recommendations
  • most app environments supported
  • most ecosystem integrations
  • most use cases enabled
  • most funding

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Here at Salt, we’ve parlayed our first-mover advantage into a significant market lead, in both technical and business dimensions. And these advantages translate into powerful outcomes for our customers. What does it mean to have the easiest deployment? Our customers see big value in minutes – getting a full catalog of APIs and where they expose data about 30 minutes after the call starts. Longest time in market? That means our AI/ML algorithms have been enhanced, refined, and dramatically improved by the collective learnings of all our customers over many years. The most integrations? Well that’s easy -it means we can deploy anywhere in your environment.

You get the picture – we’re way out in front. And we need to add “most awards” to that list, too. We’ve won Gartner Cool Vendor, SINET 16, SC Magazine Best Emerging Technology, RSA Innovation Sandbox, CISO Choice Award, Best Cybersecurity Product, and the Cyber Security Global Excellence Award.

So come take our award-winning platform for a spin – see how we can give you the peace of mind we’ve brought to City National Bank, Equinix, Ally Bank, Finastra, Armis, TripActions, and others. We will provide you with a no-cost API security assessment report in the process – you’ve got nothing to lose and the best API security to gain.

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