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Salt Announces Bi-directional Integration with Wiz!

Gilad Barzilay
Jun 13, 2023

We have exciting news to share! Salt Security is building a bi-directional integration with the Wiz cloud security platform! With this announcement, Salt becomes the first API security vendor to build a two-way integration with Wiz, giving Wiz customers the deepest and most actionable insights into API behaviors – all within Wiz’s comprehensive cloud security platform.

The Salt Security team is thrilled to partner with Wiz and join the just-unveiled Wiz Integrations (WIN) platform. Businesses of all sizes across different industries rely on Wiz to protect their cloud infrastructure. Lots of companies have announced support for pulling Wiz Security Issues into their platforms – with this news, Salt will be the first to push deep API information into the Wiz platform. That direction – Salt to Wiz – provides customers with a lot more value because it keeps the Wiz platform as the broader “source of truth” for consolidated and prioritized security posture insights.

By sending detailed API posture findings and incidents into Wiz, Salt augments the powerful Wiz cloud security platform with rich and continuous API context and data derived from our award-winning Salt Security API Protection Platform. These Salt insights provide joint customers with actionable intelligence to rapidly detect, prioritize, and remove API threats and vulnerabilities across both their application and cloud environments from one centralized location.

By integrating application-layer visibility of potential API security risks right within Wiz, businesses can better protect the critical data driving their digital initiatives with a purpose-built API solution. With its cloud-scale API data lake and time-tested machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), Salt makes it easy for organizations to obtain an accurate inventory of all of their APIs, spot and stop attackers, and gain remediation insights for hardening APIs.

API security challenges continue to increase. According to the Q1 2023 State of API Security report, 94% of organizations experienced a security issue with their production APIs over the past year. More concerning, nearly a third of respondents had experienced a sensitive data exposure or incident, and 17% had experienced a security breach.

We’d love to share more about how the Salt API security platform can benefit your organization. Contact us today to speak with one of our API security experts or set up a customized demo.

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