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Salt Celebrates National Working Parents Day

Ahuvy Mrad
Sep 16, 2021

Today is National Working Parents Day, and for all of us at Salt, it's is an awesome opportunity to recognize everyone’s hard work!

Our working parents deal with a hectic work day — juggling calls across several time zones, participating in virtual meetings with their kids jumping in the background, and trying to navigate zoom classroom or homework help while running the daily update! Insane, right?!

We want to shout from the rooftops and show the world just how much we appreciate all Salt employees for that something extra they keep dishing out during our wild journey. We wouldn't be at the amazing stage we've reached now without their never-give-up attitude.

To thank our team for all this hard work, and to encourage them to take a real break and spend some quality time with their family, we decided to celebrate National Working Parents Day by giving everyone a half day off!

We hope all Salt employees take this time to be with family — the Salt team and their families deserve it!


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