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Salt Security — the API Security Disruptor and Globee Gold Winner

Michelle McLean
May 19, 2022

For the second year in a row, Salt Security has snagged the Globee® gold award in the Disruptor Company Awards. Judges from around the world, representing a wide spectrum of industry experts, participated in the judging process, and Salt Security earned this honor in the category of Cyber Security Software.

Given that Salt created the entire API security category, I love this industry recognition of our disruptor status. We clearly live out the definition — a company creating a new market and, in the process, shaking up the status quo. Globee describes its criteria for the award as follows:

“Disruptors are highly persistent, mostly beginning from scratch without the constraints of traditionally accepted processes or business models. They use technology and modern tools to achieve end results. Disruptors do things differently and are not hindered by existing ways or industry stalwarts. They are ready to take on an enormous challenge and find solutions for the biggest pain points customers experience.”

We take so much pride in this label! Our CEO, Roey Eliyahu, always talks about the early days, “when we were the crazies out there, the only ones talking about the risks that APIs present and how vulnerable companies were on this front.” In Roey’s years in one of the most elite cybersecurity units of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), when his charter was offensive and defensive hacking of the government’s military and civilian systems, he found APIs the easiest way to break in.

He also realized that as common as APIs already were, companies’ use of them would only grow. Mobile development, digital transformation, cloud migration, app modernization — they’re all driven by APIs. We’re using more APIs than ever, and they’re more capable than ever — raising the stakes for protecting them.  

Our digital lives run on APIs. By understanding the importance of APIs in today’s digital world – and by pinpointing the security weaknesses early on — Salt Security created this critical market of API security. We were first to market with our API Protection Platform — many have followed in our footsteps, but Salt remains the only company delivering the architecture needed to defend against today’s sophisticated API attacks. Only Salt Security applies cloud-scale big data, with the industry’s most time-tested AI and ML algorithms, to provide the context needed to identify and stop the bad actors targeting APIs.

Salt Security founders Roey and Michael Nicosia had the vision to define this critical category and deliver the protections needed to address the threats. In doing so, they made Salt Security the API security disruptor.

If you would like to learn how enterprises — including leading financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, retail and digital services companies — are using the Salt Security API Protection Platform to protect their critical data and services, contact us today.


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