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Salt Security Update - Situation in Israel October 2023

Roey Eliyahu
Oct 11, 2023

We want to thank our customers, partners and friends for the calls and messages to our team showing your concern and support. The last few days have been anything but ordinary and the human connections people have been making highlight the strength of our personal and professional relationships in difficult times. We thank you all for that.

As you know, Salt is a US headquartered company but we have offices and many employees in Israel. Rest assured, our employees are all currently safe but we continue to monitor the situation and focus on their safety as our number one priority.

For our customers and partners, know that our operations remain unaffected as we continue to provide you the service you've come to expect from Salt. We will update you if things change but we do not foresee any disruption to our business and by extension your business as it relates to Salt. As always, if you need any assistance, please contact your account manager directly.

Lastly, on behalf of all Salt employees, thank you for your continued concern and your trust and confidence in Salt Security.

Roey Eliyahu and Michael Nicosia

Co-founders, Salt Security

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