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We Did it Again!

Michelle McLean
Feb 7, 2022

Winners again? Yep! For the second year in a row, Cybersecurity Insiders™ has recognized Salt Security and our Salt Security API Protection Platform with Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

This year, we won for Best Cybersecurity Company and Best Cybersecurity Product in API Security. The awards celebrate our excellence, innovation, and leadership in API Security as we enable companies to accelerate business innovation by making APIs attack-proof.

Unlike other industry awards, the Cybersecurity Excellence awards depend on validation from across the information security community – customers, prospects, and analysts all contribute their perspective on which companies and platform should earn these accolades.

Standing out in a growing field

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, we’re the most flattered a company can be. Ever since we created the API security market five years ago, we’ve been attracting new followers each year. In August 2021, Gartner issued a report* that definitively established API security as its own essential category in securing platform services – not a subset of the WAF, and not an add-on to an API gateway. This validation from Gartner was just the latest evidence that API security has developed into a robust market.

From our initial vision to our patented technical innovations, our customer penetration, and the years in market we’ve had to mature our AI and ML algorithms, we’ve led the API security market from the start. We’ve set the standard for API protection, and the Salt Security API Protection Platform is the only solution that automatically and continuously discovers all APIs across customer environments, leverages cloud-scale big data to pinpoint and stop attackers, and identifies API vulnerabilities during the build phase.

We’re proud of our leadership in innovative API security technology, but we’re equally dedicated to growing public awareness of API security issues. Salt Labs is the only security research organization dedicated to API security, and with it we’ve created a public forum for sharing research on API vulnerabilities that organizations can use to improve their API security posture and mitigate threats impacting API-centric businesses. Most recently, Salt Labs published research centered around a novel vulnerability found in GraphQL.

These two most recent awards join the long list of accolades we’ve earned – we’d love to show you how our award-winning API security platform can protect your most vital data and services. Request a personalized demo. And if you’re looking for a new opportunity to build incredible tech, check out our job board and join our (award) winning team!


* Gartner report: Advance Your Platform-as-a-Service Security, 25 August 2021, by Richard Bartley available to Gartner clients of GTP (Gartner for Technical Professionals) at https://www.gartner.com/document/4005128

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