Salt Security is a Next Generation API Protection Platform that prevents API breaches, using the power of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.  

The Salt Security API Protection Platform works in three stages:

  • Discovery: Automatically discover all APIs and unique functionality across environments with automated, continuous monitoring, ensuring that security teams are aware of any exposure of sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII), and potential attack vectors.
  • Prevention: With behavioral monitoring and existing vulnerability insights, the platform prevents attacks of APIs in real time during an attacker’s reconnaissance phase.
  • Remediation: Gain prioritized, actionable insights for security teams and developers that empower them to work together to immediately stop attacks from advancing and close vulnerabilities at their source in the APIs to improve security.


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Have you heard about the increasing risk involved with  API attacks?

As APIs have proliferated across SaaS, web, mobile, microservices and IoT applications environments – and the quantity and sensitivity of the data transmitted have increased – API attacks have become more frequent and more complex, making them the number one threat for any company.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) recognized API security as a primary concern, with nine of the top 10 vulnerabilities in their current OWASP Top 10 report including an API component.