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Awards Season Never Stops at Salt!

Michelle McLean
Sep 21, 2023

We’re entering a new season of fall, but here at Salt, it seems like it’s always awards season! We continue to receive accolades for the Salt Security API Protection Platform – all year round! This time we have been honored with the “Best API Security” award in the 2023 API Awards. This represents our 15th company and technology recognition in 2023 and follows recent awards including “Best API Security Solution” in the renowned 2023 SC Awards, “Cybersecurity Solution of the Year” in the National Technology Awards, and “Hot Company in API Security” in the Global InfoSec Awards.

Run by API World, the API Awards rely on an advisory board of industry experts to choose the winners. The 2023 Awards span 20 different categories, celebrating technology innovation, adoption, and reception in the API and microservices industry. This win marks the second year in a row Salt has been honored in the API Awards – and being chosen for “Best API Security” is especially gratifying to the team.

Salt was the first to recognize that API attacks differ – and those differences mandate a new approach to security. We saw early on that traditional security tools, such as WAFs and API gateways, would lack the needed capabilities to fully protect the rapidly expanding API landscape.

That understanding led to the cloud-scale AI-powered Salt Security API Protection Platform. The Salt patented architecture is unique in that it can:

  • Discover all APIs, including shadow and zombie APIs, within an organization’s environment – ensuring that companies always have a full and complete API inventory
  • Continuously monitor all API behaviors over time – easily detecting any changes or anomalies that might indicate a potential threat
  • Communicate the data being carried by each APIs – enabling security leaders to understand which APIs carry the most sensitive data
  • Prioritize API threats – so organizations can focus on the most pressing issues first

It’s rewarding to be honored for our technology innovation. However, it’s more rewarding to understand the difference we are making for our customers – enabling them to deliver digital services and applications safely and securely.

Customers often tell us they had absolutely no way of knowing all the APIs in their systems before Salt. Salt makes them all visible, and that discovery is the critical first step in any security protection. Our AI-driven architecture also delivers ongoing context they need to determine whether a threat exists. Only AI has the ability to quickly and easily analyze millions of API calls over time to provide that adaptive intelligence, and only Salt has had its algorithms in market for so many years of tuning and learning.

We’d love to put our API smarts to work protecting your business. We can provide a personalized demo, or contact us to learn more about how Salt can help defend your organization from API risks.

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