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Guild Education Gives Salt an A+ for API Protection

Michelle McLeanMichelle McLean
Mar 16, 2023

Keeping our customers’ data safe so that they can move forward with business innovation is our constant north star here at Salt. But it’s even more gratifying when our mission is in service to a higher purpose, as it is with today’s announcement of our deployment at Guild Education. With its Career Opportunity Platform, Guild Education helps employees forge a better career path through education. Guild works with numerous large companies – including the likes of Walmart and Disney – to facilitate training, education, and certification programs for their employees.

By offering employees the opportunity to advance in their career, companies can more easily retain and grow talent from within – a big advantage in today’s competitive employment market. Even more meaningful are the opportunities and economic mobility that can be opened up for the employees who take advantage of these programs. These initiatives can be life changing for individuals – both personally and professionally.

And I love the timing – March is Women’s History Month, and Guild Education was founded by women. I love seeing women-led businesses thrive and especially love the fact that our technology is helping them succeed. The fact that we get to work with Guild’s female VP, Head of Security, Julie Chickillo, just adds to the fun.

As Guild Education has grown and expanded its digital presence, APIs have become increasingly important to its business. APIs transport all of the data needed to run Guild’s career platform. Guild uses APIs to send student data back and forth between schools and employers, including personal identifiable information (PII) such as name, address, social security information. It also supports other sensitive and private information, such as student coursework, grades, and even financial data such as student loan reimbursements. Employers and schools alike send frequent updates on employee eligibility and performance.

As the number of APIs increased in its environment, the team at Guild knew they needed to get ahead of the security issues. Guild’s engineering team had particular interest and concerns around shadow – or unknown – APIs that could be running within their infrastructure.

By using the Salt Security API Protection Platform, Guild eliminates their API blind spots, gaining a complete and accurate picture of their API ecosystem. According to Julie, having visibility into APIs, as well as the ability to see the traffic, gave the company immediate value. With the Salt API security platform, Guild can now understand API activity over time to detect the subtle signs of a would-be attacker. In addition, Julie noted that the actionable insights within the Salt platform have aided Guild’s DevOps team in remediating flaws and hardening new APIs in development.

The Salt team is honored to help ensure the safety of the user data that powers the Guild career platform. With greater peace of mind, Guild can focus on what it does best – serving as a critical liaison for employees to achieve their full potential with the support and backing of their employers. Learn more about the value Salt delivers for Guild in this case study.

If you would like to learn how the Salt Security API Protection Platform can help your business, please contact us. We’d be happy to set up a call with one of our API experts or to arrange a personalized demo.

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