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Introducing the Salt Developer Portal: Unleash the Power of Automating API Security

Eric Schwake
Mar 5, 2024

AppSec leaders and security practitioners, rejoice! Automating your security practices using Salt Platform APIs is now easier than ever, empowering developers to integrate APIs quickly and efficiently while helping reduce risk. The newly launched Salt Developer Portal is your one-stop hub for all API security automation needs. Salt’s API-first approach allows for seamless, headless integrations with existing enterprise security tools, whether your developers are seasoned veterans or just starting out. The portal provides comprehensive tools, documentation, and resources to ensure smooth, secure API integrations with the Salt Platform, streamlining your security processes and accelerating development cycles.

Imagine a developer's dreamland:

  • Crystal-clear documentation: No more deciphering cryptic API references. Dive into comprehensive, easy-to-navigate docs encompassing request/response structures, parameters, auth flows, and everything in between.
  • Built-in testing tools: Stop juggling various tools and environments. Test APIs directly within the portal to save time and streamline the integration process.
  • Ready-to-use code samples: Accelerate your development with code samples in popular languages like Python, Java, and Go. Seamlessly integrate Salt's security features into your project.

But why is this such a big deal?

It's all about empowering you, the developer. At Salt Security, we believe happy devs are successful devs. We are also committed to ensuring strong security practices as developers are working with all their APIs. The Developer Portal is our commitment to providing you with the tools and experience you deserve, leading to:

  • Faster Adoption: Streamlined integration means businesses can leverage Salt's security power quicker, expanding our reach and impact.
  • Trustworthy Connections: Openness and transparency build trust. By making our APIs easily accessible, we foster secure, scalable implementations for a better-connected world.

Ready to experience the Salt Developer Portal power?

Head over to (login to the Salt Dashboard required) and start exploring:

  • Dive into the comprehensive API documentation.
  • Get hands-on with built-in testing tools.
  • Accelerate your development with ready-to-use code samples.

Join us on our mission to secure the API universe, one empowered developer at a time!

Don't forget to share your feedback and suggestions. We're constantly working to improve the Developer Portal and improve it for you.

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P.S. Stay tuned to this blog for future features and capabilities updates that will help developers and provide your organization with a stronger security posture when it comes to all APIs.

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