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New Win - Securing a Managed Service Provider in The Netherlands!

Michelle McLean
Dec 7, 2022

So many of our customers have policies preventing them from disclosing the security tech they use, so we get really excited when we can publicly share new customer wins!  Today that happy news comes with Open Line NL! Headquartered in Limburg, The Netherlands, Open Line provides managed cloud services to multiple industries, including healthcare, local government, social housing, and logistics.

The Open Line platform, service offerings, and industry-specific applications are all API-driven, and customers’ sensitive data gets shared across those systems every day. The company recognized that WAFs and API gateways lacked the ability to detect and block the top threats outlined in the OWASP API Security Top 10 list and wanted to implement a dedicated API solution.

Runtime capabilities allow Open Line to quickly spot and respond to API security threats

In particular, Open Line wanted a solution with robust runtime protection. The team saw the need for real-time visibility into the behavioral aspects of APIs – so they could quickly spot any anomalies in API behaviors that might be triggered by potential attackers.

The Salt Security API Protection Platform gives Open Line the ability to understand typical vs. anomalous API behaviors, allowing the team to more quickly spot the reconnaissance efforts of bad actors. In addition, Salt gives Open Line the power of dynamic API discovery, so the company can see and protect all APIs running within its customers’ environments. Beyond API discovery, Salt also provides the team at Open Line with detailed and ongoing insights into API structure and usage as well as the data each API ingests and exposes.

According to Daniel van Slochteren, chief innovation officer at Open Line:

“Salt enables us to continuously monitor and protect – known and unknown – APIs used by our customers in runtime. Open Line feels an enormous responsibility to ensure data integrity for our customers; Salt enables us to achieve that goal with its robust and proven cloud-scale API security platform.”

The best part of working with customers like Open Line is the partnership we get to build together. The Netherlands is well known for its progressive approach to technology, and the country leads the world in digital data exchange and infrastructure.

Open Line continues the Dutch tradition of ingenuity! Operating the first risk-based SoC in Europe, based in Valencia, Spain, Open Line is the only managed cloud services company that offers risk-based SoC services in The Netherlands. Open Line serves more than 100 companies, with its platform running in a high-end private cloud combined with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

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