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Salt Security Celebrates Being Named a Y Combinator Top Company!

Michelle McLean
Apr 25, 2022

The Salt Security team is celebrating again! Salt Security has been named to both the 2022 YC Top Companies list, as well as the newly launched YC Breakthrough Companies list!

YC has been investing in the later stage rounds of its alumni since 2015. Its Breakthrough Companies list highlights the rapid-growth companies that have received between $15 million to $300 million or more in funding from YC.

YC Continuity (YCC) is a fund that invests in the most elite YC companies from venture stage through IPO. YCC's mission is to help founders transform their fast-moving startups into enduring companies. To date, YCC has invested in about 30 companies including DoorDash, Stripe, Segment, Coinbase, GitLab, and Brex. This list is so selective – it includes less than 1% of YC’s portfolio companies.

As explained by Ali Rowghani, managing director, YC Continuity, “YC Continuity invests only in the very best, category-defining YC companies. Salt Security is one of those companies. Like fellow YCC companies Stripe in payments and DoorDash in food delivery, Salt will become an iconic security company.”

As one of our earliest investors, YC has consistently been one of our biggest supporters. YC most recently participated in our $140 million Series D round led by CapitalG and joined by all of our previous investors.

We are grateful for our incredible VC friends and humbled to be included on both of these YC lists alongside so many other groundbreaking brands.

APIs represent the foundation of today’s modern and digitally driven applications. With API usage growing exponentially to support these new applications and services, the attack surface has expanded, leading to new security risks. Along with increased volume, APIs represent a significant risk factor in two other ways. One, bad actors are highly drawn to attacking APIs because it’s so lucrative – they’re created to access and share a company’s most valuable data. And two, API attacks are low and slow, as bad actors do reconnaissance to learn the business logic flaws in a company’s APIs, so existing security platforms cannot detect these attacks.

Learn why apps are built on APIs, the security risk APIs present, and best practices for securing APIs.

As the pioneer in API security, Salt Security is widely recognized as the only enterprise-caliber solution in API security, with a patented approach to runtime protection, the only cloud-scale big data-based architecture, the most customers, and the deepest penetration among Fortune and Global 500 companies.

In the past year, Salt Security drove 300% growth in our customer base and 500% growth in revenue. The success of our customers is our highest priority. We are committed to helping them grow their business and deliver new and innovative services by ensuring the safety of their APIs. No other API security company has the quality or breadth of our customer base, which includes financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, eCommerce/retail, and digital services companies.

We are grateful to YC for this recognition. If you would like to learn more about how the Salt Security API Protection Platform can secure and protect your organization’s critical data and services, please contact us today for a demo.


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