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Salt Wins CISO Choice Award

Michelle McLean
Oct 25, 2021

For security solution providers, nothing’s more powerful than a CISO recommendation, so today’s news that Salt has won the coveted CISO Choice award in application security is like winning an Oscar!

Aimee Rhodes, in her work building Security Current and the CISOs Connect network, has created an incredible community where CISOs share insights and learning that help them excel and accelerate their security initiatives. We all benefit from the collaboration Aimee and her team enables.

Given that environment, it follows that this award would be different too. It falls solidly into the “of the CISOs, by the CISOs, for the CISOs” camp, chosen by current practitioners fighting the good fight every day. Earning this kind of distinction and validation from this group is incredibly gratifying.

CISOs always have more security projects on the “to do” list than they have time to do them. And given the rich set of tooling most companies have deployed – the average enterprise uses more than 130 security tools alone! – CISOs understandably need to be able to justify “the next thing” they want to buy.

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The power of a peer-based award like CISO Choice is that it signals to security teams everywhere the set of tools and projects that really matter and should be at the top of those long “to do” lists. Solving real pain by shining a light on all of a company’s APIs and the sensitive data they expose, along with the runtime protection to keep that company’s name out of the headlines – at least the bad headlines – is how you get to the top of that list.

Of course the rash of API security incidents in the news – even if you look at the headlines from just this year – also likely influenced these CISOs’ perspective on what’s critical for protecting their companies’ assets.

API security in general and Salt Security in particular are enjoying this level of significant validation on so many fronts lately. Gartner just created API security as its own pillar in its security reference architecture two months ago, and Salt was named to the Forbes 25 Next Billion-Dollar Startups list just last week.

It’s amazing to see the power that having such a strong market lead has given us here at Salt, although we constantly push ourselves – with some help from our demanding customers! – to maintain that technical lead. Winning the recognition of the CISO Choice award makes it all worth it, as it puts both Salt and API security at the top.

So, 2022 is just around the corner. Where is API security on your list of priorities?

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