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Starting a New Adventure with Old Friends

Michael Porat
Sep 12, 2023

I’m starting a new adventure and couldn’t be more excited! I’ve joined Salt Security as senior vice president, corporate and business development. You can read the news here. I’ve known Roey and Michael for several years and have watched as Salt has evolved from an early-stage startup to become the industry leader for API security.

Salt pioneered API security. Roey and Michael had the foresight to understand that the growth of online services would make API security a critical requirement for modern digital organizations. That foresight inspired the award-winning Salt Security API Protection Platform.

Salt provides the deepest insights to protect organizations against increasing API security threats and vulnerabilities. Salt has the only patented architecture for using AI and ML to detect and stop API attacks. Unlike traditional application attacks, API security attacks unfold slowly. Attackers try – and try again – to find the system vulnerabilities they can exploit to gain access to the valuable data within an API. Salt applies cloud-scale big data to the problem of deeply understanding the context of API traffic, providing the adaptive intelligence needed for full API discovery, attack detection, and runtime insights to harden APIs.

As if working together with long-time friends at a technology category leader weren’t enough, I’m also excited to be working closely with many companies with which I’ve already built strong relationships. And I’ll get to see these friends right away – I’m off to the CrowdStrike Fal.Con event next week in Vegas and can’t wait to build on the great connections Salt and CrowdStrike already share.

My job at Salt will include working with our expanding network of technology partners and managing our channel partner ecosystem. It’s an exciting time to come on board and drive these relationships.

Salt recently announced its Salt Security Technology Ecosystem Partner (STEP) program and unveiled its initial testing partners, including Bright Security, Contrast Security, Invicti Security, and StackHawk. We have many more fruitful partnerships and integrations to come!

Here at Salt we believe that technology partnerships are essential to give customers robust API protection integrated with the best-in-class solutions they already use within their existing environments. No one vendor can solve the API security challenge alone. By fueling these adjacent solutions with our API security intelligence, we make the whole API ecosystem smarter, benefitting our customers with deep insights across the entire API lifecycle.

We also understand that our success relies on our channel partners’ success. To that end, we have built an extensive program to support our channel partners – through in-depth technical training and educational services about API security and our platform. Our Essential Partner Certification Program – announced just months ago – has already seen more than 200 sellers achieve sales and technical certifications! This rapid growth also speaks to the growing recognition of the importance of API security.

Are you attending Fal.Con? Come by and say hello! You can also reach out to set up an in-person meeting and get a demo at the event. I can’t wait to use our leadership position in this amazing market to build an even richer API security ecosystem. Here we go!

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