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Excited to be the New Salter on the Block!

Ori Bach
Jul 26, 2023

It’s official – I’m a Salter! I have joined the Salt senior leadership team as executive vice president of product. Given my background and security experience, the role immediately grabbed my interest. And as I spent more time with Roey and the broader product team, it became clear that I did not want to miss coming aboard for the next phase of the Salt journey and being part of this amazing group of people.

As the link to transport online data, API usage has exploded with the acceleration of digital initiatives. Security leaders worldwide are increasingly recognizing the importance of API security to protect their critical data and services. As a matter of fact, a new CISO survey found that 95% of organizations intend to make API security a priority over the next two years.

Salt has been there from the very start. As digitalization began its ascent several years ago, Roey and Michael foresaw the new security needs that would arise from the transformed landscape. They knew that defending APIs would be paramount for organizations to protect not only their and their customers’ sensitive data but also the investments being made in new digital services. They also recognized that existing security methodologies were simply not capable of delivering the needed protection.

However, APIs are not just a security risk that organizations must manage. With the evolution of monolith applications to digital-based applications driven by APIs, an opportunity also exists to make web security more efficient. APIs transport all of the data enabling today’s modern applications. With the comprehensive visibility that Salt delivers, organizations gain greater visibility into their risks – and at a lower effort and cost.

Throughout my career, my passion has been to lead global product management. Working with product teams, in close collaboration with internal engineering, data scientists, and business colleagues, I have built, grown, and managed products at multiple companies. By applying agile methodologies, data, and market analysis, and executing on an effective roadmap together with my team, I have driven products from ideation to tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

I am thrilled to bring my skills to Salt and lead its product team. I believe we can make a huge difference to organizations worldwide by enhancing and improving what already is the industry’s leading API security platform. With its AI-driven technology, vast API data lake, and proven experience, Salt is uniquely positioned to serve this rapidly growing market.

The future holds great things for Salt, and I’m excited to be part of the adventure!

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